Oscars 2018: Gary Oldman wins Oscar for best actor, but the internet isn’t happy about it

Oscars 2018: Gary Oldman wins Oscar for best actor, but the internet isn’t happy about it
Written by Abhishek Rana

Gary Oldman won his first Oscar for Best actor in a leading role for the historical drama, Darkest Hour, in which he played the famed Winston Churchill. However, his achievement has been controversial amidst the Me too movement in Hollywood that has been unleashed to bring the sexual and physical assault offenders to justice. But Oldman, who has been accused of Domestic abuse by his ex wife has back in 2001, has been unaffected by the backlash he recieved from the social media and was able to complete his winning lap by standing up on the  Dolby stage with the Oscar. That doesn’t mean people have stopped talking about the alleged assault and mere second after his name was announced, there was an uproar on the social media that criticized the choice of the best actor.

His portrayal of Winston Churchill has also been slammed by people on twitter, as people have informed that the leader was far from the sanitized person that the movie portrays him to be, rather, he was a racist who allegedly believed in colonialism.

It is interesting that he has been except from the backlash when James Franco’s winning chances for his acclaimed performance in the Disaster artist, plummeted the moment he was faced with some sexual harassment accusations. Gary Oldman is similar to Casey Affleck in that regard, who won the best actor award last year for Manchester by the sea, even while he had been accused to sexual harassment earlier this decade. He denies the accusations but settled the case out of court.




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