New York fire burns Bronx Apartment

New York fire burns Bronx Apartment

A heavy fire broke out in New York at the corner of Commonwealth and Bronx river avenues in Van Nest at around 05:30 am. Cause for the fire is undetermined as of yet but at least 12 have been injured in the fire. There is no report of any death causality as of yet but the injured ones are being taken to intensive care unit. The fire broke out got spread to multiple floors and cause havoc in the whole building. Every person injured has been taken out of the building now as fire fighters came in asap to save the day for the rest.

Another fire broke in a few days back in Borough which was started by a 3 year old toddler playing with a stove. Incident ended up being horrific as it claimed the lives of 12 people. Findings are going on if the building was enabled with all the fire protection units which are necessary in every infrastructure in the city. The incident in Bronx does not have an exact cause behind it as of now because building still is burning up with blazing fire. In sometime when fire fighters are done ending the fire in building, the exact reason could be figured out and prevented in future.

The death count is zero as of now in the incident and reportedly no child is under the injured list. It took around half an hour for fire fighters and cops to take the people out of the building after they arrived. Since the fire was blazing in this winter, people got aware of this a little late hence 12 got injured before anything could be done. Fire was so heavy that if it was not stopped in time, it could have destroyed 2 apartments and that many number of people before getting toned down.

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