Nenu Kidnap Ayyanu movie review: Telugu dread deceit drama

Nenu Kidnap Ayyanu movie review: Telugu dread deceit drama

Nenu Kidnap Ayyanu movie is the upcoming Telugu dread deceit drama which is directed by Sreekarababu. It is the most humorous and suspenseful movie that grabs everyone’s attention with its screenplay and story. The director Sreekarababu features Posani Krishna Murali, Brahmanandam and Krishna Bhagavan in the lead role. Posani Krishna Murali’s performance will blow up the mind of audiences like always. He is Indian screenwriter, director, producer and actor who is the most versatile actor of Telugu cinema.

Nenu Kidnap Ayyanu Plot: It revolves around a group of aspiring engineers who struggled a lot to get their ambitious project. In the wake of the project, they meet Dubey, an elite software legend who dismisses their project and employ them under the bench period policy as they belong from the mediocre family. However, soon the ambitious engineers discover that Dubey has deceived and betrayed them. So, they decided to take revenge then they Kidnap him. The engineers succeeded in kidnapping the mental stability of Dubey with their technical expertise and tracking him.

Nenu Kidnap Ayyanu Review: It is dreadful drama which is full of suspense and thriller. The screenplay of Nenu Kidnap Ayyanu will take the audience from fast to slow shots with dialogues that make it more interesting. And the sorrow and suspenseful music of movie will also make audience emotional at a point. Overall it has exciting suspenseful and thrilling plot that holds everyone throughout the end.

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