Kidi, Kannada movie review: A standard action flick with nothing more to say

Kidi, Kannada movie review: A standard action flick with nothing more to say
Written by Abhishek Rana

In Kidi, movie stars fly and kick in service of a thin plot and a chance to have dance numbers. R Bhuvan Chandra stars alonside Pallavi Gowdva as a hotheaded man with issues relating to aggression and who works in a bank. The movie is all fights and anger and doesn’t event take itself very seriously, but it is made in the same-unfun pedestrian way that saps the movie of all its enjoyment. The actors do their best, but aren’t given much to do in the movie; there aren’t any characters but movie stars doing their jobs to lure the audience to the theaters. Director S. Raghu is serviceable and does his best to make the movie look better than it is.

That doesn’t mean the movie is entirely bad. It does have some grace notes and few fight scenes are very well choreographed so that you’re awed by the work of the stunts’ men and their ability to make even the most boring story entertaining. Pallavi Godwa is also very good in a sort of thankless role, as the wife of R.Bhuvan Chandra but she’s able to make an impact. Likewise, even if he’s hampered with a cliched action hero role but R Bhuvan still plays it with truthful rage, and is impressive in his fight scenes.

In the end, I’ll recommend the movie to anyone who likes action movies without thinking too much about the story.

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