Mudra Veeran movie review: A gorgeous and important story, even though it might not be nuanced

Mudra Veeran movie review: A gorgeous and important story, even though it might not be nuanced

Mudra Veeran, directed by PG Muthiah and starring Shanmuga Pandian, Meenakshi and Samuthirakani is a drama that relates the story about the practice of Jallikattu and the people don’t want it to be banned, even though it could be harmful to people. The movie is color and dramatic, with many action set pieces and scenes set around crowds. It utilizes the ritual to examine the political game of the leaders who want their own gains from the situation. It is also bolstered by a very good performance from Shanmuga Pandian in the lead role, who takes the character that could have been a cliche and boring person, to someone who is kind and even brave. He wants to do the right thing, and that doesn’t make him any less interesting.

The movie is also very evocatively shot, with colors popping right out on the screen and making the scenes even more lively. Also, Meenakshi is just lovely in the role, taking a stock character and making it seem more human. Muthiah makes many great decisions, and he seems to have a very good knowledge of the cinema and action scenes, so everything is made with care and doesn’t look slip shod or messy.

The screenplay of the movie is its weak point, because even though the topic of Jallikattu, is very interesting, the story needed more meat without the predictable villains and the clear distinction between what is good or bad. If the script had been more solid and nuanced, this could have been an even better movie. But, it still doesn’t take away from its power, and people should really watch it to have a good time and to learn about an important topic as well.

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