Monsoon Shootout trailer: An interactive and intriguing first look

Monsoon Shootout  trailer: An interactive and intriguing first look
Written by Abhishek Rana

Monsoon Shootout, directed by Amit Kumar and starring Nawazuddin Siddqui, has released a new trailer, and it is one of the most interesting first looks of movies this year. The trailer is interacts with the audiences, as in, at the end of the trailer, the audiences will have a choice to choose which trailer that extends the story, they want to look, and by clicking on that specific option they can travel to that video and then circle back to the option that was left. Such an approach to trailers is not only unique but is also refreshing than most movie trailer that offer most of the plot in two minutes videos themselves.

Vijay Varma plays a cop who has to shoot a criminal during a shootout in the Monsoon rains of Mumbai, but as he trains the gun on his victim, the trailer gives you a choice, to click on the version in which he shoots the person or the one in which he doesn’t.

The moive premiered in Cannes this year and accumulated a lot of positive reactions from the critics, who liked the gritty atmosphere of the movie, its direction and the performances of Vijay and Nawazuddin.




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