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Loveratri is unacceptable in India, Hindu Outfits says

Loveratri is unacceptable in India, Hindu Outfits says

A day after changing the name of the Hindi film from ‘LoveRatri’ to ‘Loveyatri’, a Hindu organization said today that the new name is also not acceptable in India. The city’s organization ‘Sanatan Foundation‘ filed a public interest petition and requested that either the title of this film and some of the film material should be changed or it should be banned on the basis of the repression of Hindus. The organization told the court that the name of the film is not approved as it is related to the festival of Hindus ‘Navaratri‘. During the hearing on the PIL, the filmmaker’s lawyer said in the court that the petition has been filed ‘time before’ because the film has not got a certificate from the censor board so far.

A bench of Chief Justice R. Subhash Reddy and Justice VM Pancholi asked the producer’s counsel to take instructions regarding the contents of the film and asked how the promos were released before getting certificates from the censor board. Earlier, Salman Khan had announced the name of the movie to be changed on Twitter every day. Salman, while releasing the new poster of the film, wrote, “This is not a spelling mistake … LoveYatri.”

In this film, Salman Khan’s brother-in-law Ayush Sharma and artist Varina Hussain are in the lead role. Salma Khan’s mother Salma Khan is the producer of the film and it is being produced under the banner of Salman Khan Films(SKF).

Salman had recently said about the controversy, “Some people have trouble with the name of the film. This is a very cute and beautiful name. Nothing can be more beautiful than love, hence the name of this movie now changed as Loveratri. Its purpose is not to degrade a culture. ” Let’s say that through this film, Arshita’s husband, Ayush Sharma is going to start his journey in Bollywood and Salman is supporting Ayush completely.

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