KBC Season 9, Episode 32, 10th October 2017: IAS Dr Vinay wins 12.5 Lacs and quits

KBC Season 9, Episode 32, 10th October 2017: IAS Dr Vinay wins 12.5 Lacs and quits

Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 9 ( KBC 9 ) 10th October episode 32 current hot seat contestant is Dr Sonali Reddy. She is from Pune, Maharashtra. Last contestant was IAS officer Dr Vinay Goel. He won Rs 12.5 lacs and decided to quite. He had consumed all his 4 life lines. IAS Dr Vinay Goel is from Jind Haryana and is an IAS officer posted in Kerala as Assistant Collector under training.

Doctor Vinay Goel was continuing from the last episode who won fastest finger first round. He scored 79th rank in Indian Administrative Services entrance examination. Questions thrown in front of Doctor Vinay really seemed quite tough in comparison to other contestants.

IAS Dr Vinay Goel is smitten by people of Kerala citing the literacy and cultural aspect of the state. He lauds the commitment and simplicity of people of kerala. Last episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 9 ( KBC 9 ) entailed mixed results while contestants answered questions on hot seat. It saw three contestants on hot seat. In last episode we did not see a big winner but we can expect one today.

Hardly we see KBC episodes with 3 contestants in a single episode sitting on hot seat. First one was Aarti Panwar won 3,20,000 rupees, after she gave a wrongs answer for 13th question and came down from 12.5 lacs to 1/3 amount. Second one was Shashi Saxena , who gave a wrong answer for 4th question and was among few contestants who went without any prize money. Current one is Vinay Goel who would be facing litmus test today.

Tomorrow we should expect a special episode , celebrating Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan’s 75th birthday. Sitar maestro is expected to feature in the special episode. Big B is usually not known to be very keen in celebrating his birthday.

Kaun Banega Crorepati 9 Today Question and Answers for Dr Sonali Reddy

Q1.  Complete ..Dene wala deta … ? A. Chappar Phaad Ke

Q2. What is not in name of chess piece ? A. Tortoise

Q3. Pythagoras theorem is which geometrical figure ? A. Triangle ( Sonali opts Audience Poll )

Hooter brings the current episode to halt and Doctor Sonali Reddy will continue tomorrow

Kaun Banega Crorepati 9 Today Question and Answers for Doctor Vinay Goel

Q1. Which word potrays naughty ? A. Chanchal

Q2. Identify pair in the audio clip ( song) ? A. Alia Bhatt and Sidharth malhotra

Q3. Malwa,majha,Doaba are part of which state ? A. Punjab

Q4. Identify indian govt institution which has CEO position ? A. Niti Aayog

Q5. Which glass is used in smart phone ? A. Gorilla Glass

Q6. Apart from europe which continent country has won world cup ? A. South America

Q7. which insect spreads Zika Virus ? A. Aedes Mosquito

Q8. Who was the author of Bihar to Tihar ? A. Kanhaiya Kumar

Q9. According to mahabharat which pair were physicians to Devas ? A. Ashwani Kumars

Q10. Which company imported philips overland jeep?  A. Mahindra and Mahindra

Q12. Tughlag Nama and Nuh Sifir are composition of which poet ? A. Amir Khusrau ( opts for phone a friend – Ajay Sharma )

Q13. In 1860 which british officer started income tax ? A. Sir James Wilson

Q14. Which indian origin cricketer played a test debut against indian cricket team ? A. Haseeb Hameed

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