Bigg Boss 11th October 2017 11th Episode; Vikas faces against the Gharwalas and loses

Bigg Boss 11th October 2017 11th Episode; Vikas faces against the Gharwalas and loses
Written by Abhishek Rana

The episode started relatively calmly, as the Gharwalas were maybe trying to take Salman’s advice and being patient with each other. There were whispers between Sapna and Hitesh, but nothing more severe than that. But then, lo and behold, a fight broke out amid Hina and Vikas and then erupted to emulate Punish too, Hina accused Vikas of lying to her about his sexuality, and then Vikas started crying and creating melodrama and closed himself off in the toilet, while Shilpa laughed and made jokes about him. He later went out of the house, furious with everybody, but Bigg Boss explained to him that his behaviour wasn’t right and he should consider dealing patiently with everyone else.

A new task was introduced, in which Shilpa and Arshi would be playing queens and Hiten would be a king and Hiten would have to decide whom of the two is good and who is bad. The task will have an effect on the future nominations. The Gharwalas were divided into two teams and had to build walls to win the competition and try to make other’s fall away.

The task was going very well until Shilpa began to take her role as a Queen seriously and began to boss people around, which didn’t sit well with Sapna Chaudhary, who started crying and throwing tantrums, and would’ve attacked Shilpa if Hiten hadn’t intervened and talked to her calmly.

Upcoming:There seems to be another fight in the Bigg Boss house, and this time, it seems that Sapna and Arshi are going to butt heads as they hurl insults at each other and the madness continues.

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