Katrina Kaif to portray the role of an actress in ‘Zero’

Katrina Kaif to portray the role of an actress in ‘Zero’

Shahrukh Khan starrer ‘Zero’ is going full blast on the production work these days to wrap it up by April and the severe post production can be handled accordingly. According to the reports, Katrina Kaif is portraying the role of a Hindi film actress in the film. It will be her first time doing a role so ironic and close to life at the same time because many actors believe that playing oneself is actually more difficult than a far-fetched character. To draw the line between who Katrina Kaif is and the fictional actress she is portraying must be very tough.

Khan is essaying the role of a vertically challenged man or now a frowned upon word dwarf in the film which is about as unique as it gets because actors don’t get to play such parts too often. Shahrukh won’t be tying his knees behind his back but the extreme usage of character generation will take place as it did in Fan. In Hollywood film Captain America: The First Avenger, this technology was used to shrink down the character of Steve Rogers for a chunk of the film but Khan will be doing this for the entire 2 hours plus duration.

This kind of character generation on the real actor has never been attempted though partly Brad Pitt went through this in ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’. His actor was shrunk than de-aged but again for bits and pieces though Khan will be singing dancing and all that business in the film. Hollywood films have ton of money to carry on such research and development while Hindi films don’t because the economy of this country is not as good as America but Khan is really sticking his neck out and attempting to accomplish a task which seems rather unbelievable on paper.

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