Kareena Kapoor condemns the act of rape happened in Unnao

Kareena Kapoor condemns the act of rape happened in Unnao
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

India as a country is right now in very strange dichotomy where two different rape case accused are being defended by some members of ruling party which is by far the strangest thing that has ever happened in the history of this world. Kareena Kapoor does not have a social media account hence Swara Bhaskar posted her photo from her account. Swara and Kareena are working together in a film called ‘Veere di Wedding’ which will come out in May and perhaps which is why Kareena used Swara’s account to post her message.

The message is loud and clear that the rape case should not have happened and the worst case scenario is that those who sworn to defend the nation are actually standing up for the accuse and defend them instead. Whole world is baffled by this country because the mental situation or mindset here is worse than Syria as people and government of their own country are not even focusing on such a basic detail. Two children were raped and everybody knows the accuse which makes it the most clear open and shut case and despite of being so non-complicated it is being stretched.

Media has highlighted the matter to it’s maximum and a country of 1.3 Billion people is aware of it still there is hardly any pressure on the system to deliver what is called justice which suggests that our countrymen are so blind that literally anything can happen here except it won’t be terrorist but the government doing it. People of their own country have become the enemies like the bad old Roman empire days where anyone who has the power would just abuse it to no length in order to achieve some sort of pleasure which is certainly not human. Ruling government of this country is doing everything to take it down.


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