Karan Johar is having a fatherhood meltdown after being called “papa’

Karan Johar is having a fatherhood meltdown after being called “papa’
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Karan Johar is one of those who share pretty much their entire day on social media as he perhaps likes to share most of his emotions. He took to social media and shared a heart warming post about the happiness he felt when his kid called him “papa’ for the first time. It is certainly one of the happiest moments in the life of a father when they are refereed as one by their own kid and this is certainly what they have wished for.

Karan said he is having a bit of meltdown and it would be criminal to enjoy this moment. Karan has two kids and they are perhaps far too small to contemplate who their father is in the true sense of the word. Calling him as papa is certainly the first step towards growing up into a good child but a long road ahead by the name of life awaits them to go into the deep abyss of experience. Karan decided to become a father very late in less in comparison to some of his other celebrity friends but that does not make any difference whatsoever in parenting.

Karan lives with his 75 year old mother Hiroo Johar who take care of the kids when he is out busy working. He is one of the most important man in the biggest film industry hence he would not be getting a lot of free time plus Karan dons many hats and is usually all over the place. He is attending fashion shows, judging reality shows and making mega budget films so where basically is the time to be an engaged family man but he must manage it somehow with the help of his mother and other people of staff. It would not be surprising if these kids grow up to be movie stars.

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