Kaalakaandi movie review: Saif Ali Khan is effortlessly comic in a dark comedy

Kaalakaandi movie review: Saif Ali Khan is effortlessly comic in a dark comedy
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Saif Ali Khan is doing comedy after a long time and he is severely astonishing and effortless for a guy who discovers that he will be dying in no time. Saif’s character is a very up-tight Mr. Right kind of a man who until discovers his illness and he realizes that he has never enjoyed himself with drugs and other crazy activities so he decides to have an amazing ride of every crazy thing he ever wanted to do. Akshay Oberoi who plays Saif’s brother accidentally finds himself not being intimate to a woman because he fell while taking his pants off.

Akshay has been in films like Laal Rang and Gurgaon and his attempt at comedy is nothing short of brilliant. Other actors like Vijay Raaz and Deepak Dobriyal gave a whole new life to the film by bringing in the Delhi humor in the right way. The most impressive part of the film is that no character is trying to do comedy but the humor is situational and it works wonders. Director Akshat Verma is known for writing the most unique comedy Hindi film of all time by the name of Delhi Belly.

His directorial style is nuanced he does not play the game technically but by allowing his actors to be at ease and let loose. It is very rare in an ensemble star cast that each and every cast member seems to be in  the character and it is difficult to say which one was better than the other. Background score of the film is intense in comedy scene which is certainly one of the most important factors of a dark comedy. Saif Ali has gone all out with the character and brought his image down by surrendering completely to the character. Overall Kaalakandi is one hell of a thrill ride that an audience member would want to take.

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