Justin Bieber bans from performing in China due to bad behavior

Justin Bieber bans from performing in China due to bad behavior

The youngest and controversial singer, Justin Bieber, who recently did a show in Mumbai had not been loved by all because of the lip-sync. Bieber who is on tour for his latest album ‘Purpose’ has been banned from performing in China.

The 23 years old has been falling foul of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture, who has objected the Baby singer, Justin Bieber to perform in China because of his bad behavior. The Bureau has stated to maintain the orders from the Chinese market to purify the Chinese performance environment, it would not be suitable for them to have badly behaved entertainers in the city. The reasons why Justin is not allowed to perform in China are many. When in 2013, Justin Bieber raised his eyebrows after he was captured being carried up by his bodyguards to The Great Wall Of China. Also, he was stripped on stage to reveal his bare rode and torso on a Segway in Beijing. And another he has many run-ins with the police which includes drag racing in 2014 in Miami.

Justin Bieber is not the only one who is banned from performing in China, but he has joined the team of music artists like Lady Gaga and Oasis. While Justin Bieber won’t be performing in mainland China, he still has a lot of Asian cities to tour in late September and early October which includes Hong Kong, Philippines, Jakarta, Indonesia, Tokyo, and Singapore. We just hope that he grows up and find public favors.

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