Hrithik Roshan hires a Bihari lingo expert to prepare for Super 30

Hrithik Roshan hires a Bihari lingo expert to prepare for Super 30
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Superstar Hrithik Roshan is not leaving any stone unturned to prepare for his role in Vikas Bahl’s Super 30. Super 30 is about an extraordinarily dedicated teacher from Bihar who takes 30 financially lower class kids every year and prepares them for IIT. Anand Kumar is a Mathematics wizard himself and so far his track record of kids getting admission in IIT has been hundred percent. Hrithik Roshan, a rich actor from Mumbai has to enact him out and this part is as far apart as it gets from his own life, experiences and personality. Doing Super 30 must be like doing a space movie for Roshan as anyone in his position would hardly have any exposure to that part of life.

In order to get the part right Hrithik hired himself a Bihari lingo expert coach and trains 2 hours everyday to get the accent of Anand’s Hindi right. Anand Kumar is a humble looking mathematician from Bihar while Hrithik has graced the covers of some of the most important fashion magazines of the world with his extremely jesus like physique. Hrithik also decided to tone down his physical demeanor in order to look very simple and as close as it gets to Anand like.

Hrithik is known for his mega-budget romantic action thrillers like Bang Bang and Agneepath but the actor has also prepared intensely for his role in the past. To play Rohit in Koi Mil Gaya, Hrithik did method acting to enhance his craft and play a grown man who has the mind of a 9 year old. Last time Roshan seems to have prepared was for his brilliant portrayal of a Paralyzed magician well past his glory days by the name of Ethan Mascarenhas in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish. Hrithik definitely gave one of the most jaw dropping performance of all time in the history of Indian cinema. If Roshan has decided to take this role head on than there is no stopping him.

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