Hindi Medium sequel in the pipeline with T-Series and Maddock films

Hindi Medium sequel in the pipeline with T-Series and Maddock films

T-Series and Maddock films have had a very fruitful collaboration last year in the name of Hindi Medium starring Irrfan Khan in the lead role as the film was one of the biggest success of the year as far as return of investment is considered and the film also swept the filmfare awards with Best Picture award. Irrfan Khan won Best actor in the leading role for the film and Hindi Medium has garnered almost a cult status in the cinema. Sequel to the film was making rumor rounds for months but it might happen after all.

T-series and Maddock have signed the multiple film deal which includes Arjun Patiala as the first release to be out on September 13. Arjun Patiala is a buddy cop comedy film starring Diljit Dosanjh and Varun Sharma in the lead roles as cops who are constantly rubbing corners with each other. Film also stars Kriti Sanon as a journalist who would be helping Diljit and Varun’s character in solving the case. Buddy cop genre has always worked in any diaspora be it Rush Hour, Bad Boys in Hollywood or Dishoom in Hindi film industry.

Diljit is doing a Hindi film by the name of Welcome to New York which will release on 23 February and is the first 3d comedy film of Indian cinema. Post Arjun Patiala the production houses will announce the sequel to Hindi Medium which could backfire because by the nature of storytelling Hindi Medium does not seem like a franchise film as it neither ended on a cliff hanger nor an open ending and all the characters of the film learnt their moral/philosophical lessons through finding the potholes of corruption in Indian education system. It will be a real nightmare for the screenwriter to originate a sequel tot his film which could match it’s caliber.

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