Gayatri teaser starring Mohan Babu is mortifying

Gayatri teaser starring Mohan Babu is mortifying
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Teaser of Gayatri starring Mohan Babu is out now and Mohan does not look a day older than his last outing as an actor. Gayatri is a socio-political action dram which is the genre Mohan Babu has been doing for years in over 200 films. Gayatri does not look better than any general mediocre routine Telugu film which depends entirely on the credibility of the star. Mohan Babu has done over 500 films in is career and how could an actor actually focus on his roles with doing enormous amount of films.

Mohan Babu is looking to give his career the lifeline of next 5 years by trying to portray that he is a action star at the age of 67 who could erupted the masses with the movement of his fingers around the jeans pocket as he use to. At this stage of the career an actor should start to essay supporting character driven roles which would give him some credibility. Looking at the teaser of this film, one would think that this film has been made 1000 times in Telugu cinema and people are not still moving on.

Cast and crew of this film must have been sleepwalking through the experience and were just merely earning their bread as there is certainly no art or nothing novel in craft is present in the story or direction. Film is completely dependent on the factor that there are people out there who still care as much about Mohan Babu doing the same thing as he has been for decades. A director is spineless if he can’t get a hold of his/her own film and still counting on the factor that there is some audience out there who would come to theater and watch the film to see their star knowing that film essentially does not have much in them. Release date of Gayatri is out now.

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