Emraan Hashmi inaugurates first ever open cancer care hospital in Mumbai

Emraan Hashmi inaugurates first ever open cancer care hospital in Mumbai
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Emraan Hashmi launched India’s first ever open care cancer hospital of India. The hospital will focus on serving below poverty line people by providing them free cure for a disease as deadly as cancer. Emraan has had a personal experience with cancer as his kid son tackled the battle with the disease and came out of it healthy about which Emraan has written a book. He certainly feels connected to the cause as he has seen it so close and which is why he is playing his part in the initiative.

A NGO called ‘New India’ by a business couple from Bangalore have invested 200 crores in this hospital as they are initiating many other things which would help in developing the nation further by empowering the poor who are mostly unable to help themselves and government is clearly not doing this enough. This is a self funded NGO who has decided and rightfully so to take it upon themselves and bring some positively practical change in the society by helping a strata which comprises of around 80% of India’s gigantic population so that they can also live healthier life and contribute in the economy.

While inaugurating Emraan said, ” I have very closely seen the pain which cancer patients and their family goes through. The initiative to create new hope for poor cancer patients is worth appreciating.” Emraan dedicated all of his time to his son while being away from films till the time he got alright and the cancer got cured. The hospital is opened in Mumbai while one hopes that many more like this should be there in all over India because BPL population is totally scattered through out the country while targeting one place is a good step forward but in reality it will need quite a lot of work and efforts to initiate more of these hospitals.

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