Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Skyscraper’ releases a new poster and trailer date

Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Skyscraper’ releases a new poster and trailer date

Dwayne Johnson’s mega budget disaster movie by the name of Skyscraper just revealed a new poster in which Dwayne is jumping off a very tall crane into a building which is literally on fire. Rest of the landscape in the poster is also disastrous in the visuals as if apocalypse has come raining down on the world and Johnson is the one saving it. This film almost makes no sense as Johnson recently released a film called San Andreas in which he was flying a helicopter above the apocalypse and the film was not well received.

In this one Dwayne will be saving people of a very big and tall building which is on the verge of collapse as it’s his duty to do so. In the poster Dwayne’s character is performing an incredible VFX jump in the air in which the landing seems nearly impossible but rest assured he will take it. Dwayne Johnson just established his super stardom in Hollywood once again with his gigantic success Jumanji worldwide that his face is actually a global phenomenon and will make profits of the investment even if America does not like his film.

This is the guarantee any producer want when the investment in a film is massive broadly n the name of one actor in the star cast, his WWE labor is giving him some sweet fruits. Trailer of the film will be released on super bowl Sunday with the hype of Mission Impossible Fallout trailer and might also get competition from Solo: A Star Wars story. Dwayne is playing an on the run FBI agent who is apparently framed in a controversy and now he has to save his family from a world’s tallest building which is ablazing fire and also not get caught by the authority in trying to do so. U.S release of the film is 13 July, 2018.

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