Diljit Dosanjh teases Spanish song El Sueno

Diljit Dosanjh’s hotly anticipated song will be released on the occasion of Diwali, on 19th October 2017, and people are very excited to hear it, since its named “EL Sueno” and is his first Spanish song. This information has caused a lot of hype around the social media and now that Diljit has released a snippet form the song, it has gotten even bigger as people got the gist of the song. The video shows Diljit, with actress Vanessa, and it features only a tune, but it is enough for people to get hyped for the song, as it incorporates a Spanish tang that is unmistakble.

Diljit has become one of the most famous Panjabi singers in India and it might be even better for him to reach a wider audience with this song. He first became known to the general population through his role as a compromised Police Inspector in Udta Punjab and since then he has gotten praise for his acting and even more offers.

His next moive project is going to be Flicker Singh, co-starring Tapasi Pannu, in which he will be playing a hockey player. The movie has yet to start shooting, but until then fans of Diljit could just get to see him in a new avatar, when El Sueno is released on 19th October 2017. El Sueno’s english translation is “The Dreamer”

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