World Food Day: An Occasion to eradicate hunger

World Food Day: An Occasion to eradicate hunger
Written by Abhishek Rana

World food day is an occasion that is celebrated every year, on 16th October, in honor of the establishment of Food and Agriculture Organization on the United Nations since 1945. The day is heralded by many organizations that communicate with food and health security and try to make the world a better place by ensuring that everyone gets the minimum required chance to be fed nutritious food. Every year, there is a theme for World Food day, for example, in 2016, it was concerned with Climate change, “”Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too” which is a very important topic and has been previously discussed in the festival when it was used as the theme in 2008, 2002 and 1989.

World Food day is also an opportunity for Countries to realize their shortcomings in feeding a mass population and how they can help the people who aren’t privileged enough to buy food on their own or who live in remote areas where its impossible for them to be in contact with something more substantial. Global Hunger Index is a list that shows how many countries have people who are starving due to nonavailability of food, and India has slipped from 97th position to 100th, which is a very dire situation.

As people begin to realize that a nutritious meal is the right of every human being, they should also work together to eradicate mass hunger, so that no one dies because they can’t eat.

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