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Dilip Kumar: Lata Mangeshkar wishes him a quick recovery

Dilip Kumar: Lata Mangeshkar wishes him a quick recovery

On twitter melody queen Lata Mangeshkar wishes Veteran Actor Dilip Kumar a quick recovery who is currently admitted for dehydration and kidney problems at a Lilavati hospital in Mumbai.She tweeted that “Mujhe news dekhkar pata chala ki Dilip Kumar ji ki tabiyat acchi nahi hai. Unki sehat mein jald sudhaar ho yehi meri Ishwar se prarthana. I found out from news channels that Dilip Kumar is not well. Hope his health gets better soon. That is my only wish from God.”

Dilip Kumar or Muhammad Yusuf Khan was born on 11 December 1922 ,also known as the Tragedy King. He is the first khan of the Bollywood industry. the 94 year old actor was admitted to the Lilavati Hospital with the complaint for dehydration and a urinary tract infection. One of the attending team of doctors told IANS on Friday that the actor’s health was not good as his creatinine and potassium levels were rising and hemoglobin was decreasing. He is under observation in the ICU, and doctors are considering putting him on dialysis. They have clarified that he is not on ventilator.

In a book by Nasreen Munni Kabir, Lata had spoken about her regret at not being able to sing for Dilip Kumar. Lata shares a close bond with the actor and they have a mutual admiration for each other as artistes. She said that I cannot sing for any man but when I watch Dilip Kumar sing ‘Madhuban mein Radhika naache re’ in ‘Kohinoor’, I can see the veins in his neck protruding.”Dilip Kumar looks as though he is actually singing, not Rafi Sahib. If I had the chance, I would have happily sung for him,” .

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