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Dileep’s plea rejected as Kavya Madhavan filed a bail appeal

Dileep’s plea rejected as Kavya Madhavan filed a bail appeal

Malayalam Actor, Dileep, who has been in custody for more than two months for sexual assault and abduction on a famous actress, had requested the bail plea on Saturday. The court of Kerala, Today i.e Monday rejected his plea. The plea is marking to be the fourth time rejection. Before, the Angamally judicial magistrate court refused his one plea and remaining two by Kerala High court.

The reason for the rejection his plea is expected that as soon as he out from the hands of the court, he would influence the witness and this may weaken the case. As per the prosecution, they will soon file a charge sheet within 90 days as this case is at a critical stage. Little Before, Actor, Dileep, was released for a couple of hours this month, in order to perform his fathers’ death anniversary rituals, marking the court conditions of not using the mobile phones, which were strictly followed by the investigative officers, in order to not misuse the courts’ order.

Last week on Saturday Dileep’s Wife and actress, Kavya Madhavan both filed an application for the bail plea to the Kerala high court, which later was examined to be ill-motivated and Biased. Actor, Dileep, had been in jail from February 10th, 2017 under various sections of the Indian Penal Code which includes criminal conspiracy.

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