Mumbai University wasted semester one of Post-graduate candidates

Mumbai University wasted semester one of Post-graduate candidates
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Mumbai University has been the university that has grabbed the headlines for few months now and that is not for good reasons but for some complications it created. The university was first a matter of discussion among the students due to delay in their results that caused a great loss in their career and further admission process. After that the university was in the top stories as it claimed some misplacement of answer sheets that too caused a chaos among the students. Then finally the university declared the results of Law and other examinations simultaneously.

Now the students of the post-graduate course say that their one semester have been wasted due to much delay in the result declaration. The students are worried because there have been a push in the admission process in other colleges which is likely to waste the first semester of the students as the college will be shut down due to Diwali festival. With the delay in the assessment and then delay in the announcement of the results, the students are indirectly loosing one complete semester which is a great loss, but who will bring the days back. The original deadline for the postgraduate admissions was August 21 and now the same has been postponed to September 25 but the students find no benefit out of it.



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