Charminar movie review: A fascinating mix of genres

Charminar movie review: A fascinating mix of genres

Charminar, directed by Ajith C Lokesh and starring Ashwin Kumar, Hemanth Menon, Harshika Poonacha, Manoj Guinness, Sirajudheena among others is an interesting mix of genre excercise that begins in one way and then goes to do something interesting. That if it succeeds in its aim to provide a different kind of entertainment or not, the audeince will have to decide, but the movie succeeds in making us wonder how it is going to end, which we cannot say of the recent slew of flicks. At first, the movie seems to be about an introverted guy who falls in love with a fiesty girl, but then there are few other additions in the plot that takes the viewer entirely by sureprise as the story then verges to something akin to a thriller.

All the elements in the movie work together to give a solid entertainment, with Lokesh filming the action beautiful and having control on the tone of the movie which is a difficult thing to balance. And helping him immensely is the cast, beginning from Ashwin Kumar, who is perfect as the introverted lead, whereas Harshika does more than the script tells her to do, and is able to create a worthy character who otherwise might just have become a cliche.

The supporting players all very, very good, and one of them is a surprise element ofn the movie that won’t be revealed here, but who also does a great job of making the story unpredictable and interesting till the end.

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