Buses torched in Kolkata after two youths died in Chingrighata

Buses torched in Kolkata after two youths died in Chingrighata

Two students by the name of Biswajit Bhuiyan and Sanjoy Banu were ramed by a bus at 11:30 in the morning while they were driving the bicycles minding their own business. A bus speeding to the salt lake and in that route it suddenly took a U turn and killed two students who usually happen to be on the road. Angry mob came together and totally torched at least 4 buses in order to show their sign of anger and protest. Mob also pelted stones when police tried to stop them.

Eventually police resorted to lathi charge and dispersed the mob but by than damage to the property is already caused. Locals from the close by areas such as Shantinagar gathered and set the buses ablaze while throwing stones on it. Police from major areas like Laalbaag had to be deployed in order to control the angry mob. The students were killed on the spot after the accident but driver of the bus is still not found which is why the crowd was angry over mob’s inability to catch the criminal that took two innocent lives for no reason.

Police has met the families of the deceased and assured them of complete support from the government as no stone will be left unturned in finding the driver who ramped up the kids. Police is working with all it’s might to control the mob and the way to do is solve the case as soon as possible. Situation in the areas near the accident is under control now after tireless efforts from the police and lathi charge but the mob can get angry again at any given point of time and cause more damage to public and private property in order to protest for the death of two innocent students in an unfortunate incident.

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