Bumblebee official trailer is out and Transformers movies are sadly still alive

Bumblebee official trailer is out and Transformers movies are sadly still alive

Hollywood studios have absolutely no shame in making complete use of a heavy intellectual property even if nobody wants to see it. Post ‘Dark of the Moon’ people just rejected that franchise but Paramount brought Mark Wahlberg on board to revive some interest in it and stretched two more unwelcome parts. Mark got paid some very hefty amount for the film which made him the highest paid actor of 2017 in this big wide world. Now Paramount studios could not stop themselves from trying to cash in on the franchise and came up with a money making technology called ‘Spinoff’.

When the writer absolutely has no idea about how to take the story forward than they go back to the drawing board and invent some back story later with which they try to connect the original concept. They dig the grave first and later looked for a body to fit in, which is what a spin off is. The entire concept of a retro bumblebee in love with a young girl does sound very ridiculous because he is a machine for Christ’s sake. If Bumblebee was a new character than it might have been accepted but a new dimension which is so uneasy after 5 action packed films is a bad idea.

Bumblebee is literally looking for some love and adoration in this trailer which makes no earthly sense at all. It is only an extension to keep the franchise alive by adding WWE wrestler John Cena as an army man who would initially want to stop bumblebee but later would play the role of his friend. Clearly this not an one part thing as the studio would definitely stretch it for about 3 more ways till Sunday. Craft of the trailer is really desperate to make it look profound and meaningful but visuals are not that at all.

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