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Bigg Boss Season 12; First Week nominated Members and Updates

Bigg Boss Season 12; First Week nominated Members and Updates

On the second day of Big Boss season 12, the Khan Sister’s fight in the house was first followed by Deepika Kakkar and then it reached to the cricketer S Sreesanth and till the end of the day, fight had caught such a bit that soon after the show began on the third day Sreesanth began to insist on leaving the house. At Bigg Boss show, there are always such controversies happens. So how will this happen? On the third day, Sreesanth starts leaving the house with the intention of leaving the house, though somehow the members, after convincing him on the gate, bring him back again. Indeed, Sreesanth had said that if he is wrong then it would be better to get away from Bigg Boss house. Even after all this, Somai Khan is stuck on her anger. She had to say that whatever Sreesanth has to do, she does not care.

Bigg Boss Season 12 First Week Nomination

The nomination was processed on the third day of the show. After the order of Big Boss, all the members gathered in the activation area. Let you know that all the participants were involved in the process of nomination. After which the Big Boss showed a pair of two pairs of Romil-Nirmal and Kriti-Roshni on the TV screen and asked each other to nominate one with mutual consent.

Finally, to get out of the house, the householders nominated Deepika and Srishti along with the pair of Kriti-Roshini, Saba-Sommi, Shiv Ashish-Saurabh. Sreesanth involved in a fight once again on the fourth day, but this time not with Khan Sisters it was Shivshish. In fact, Shivashis deny Sreesanth that he has abused them. He says how such a person will hear the abuse of his bad words.

What will the Conservancy in the Big Boss house on the fourth day now? To see this, you can watch ‘Big Boss’ from 9 pm on Colors.

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