Bigg Boss 11: Salman Khan’s top moments on the show

Bigg Boss 11: Salman Khan’s top moments on the show

Bigg Boss 11 has become one of the most prominent shows of the year, surpassing the national hype and landing on the list of most searched shows worldwide. Salman Khan is a very big reason for the success of the show, as he is clearly one of the best Indian television show hosts, who knows perfectly well how to command the screen while being very entertaining. He is also often the only voice of reason when things get out of hand in the house, always advising the contestants to behave and not cross the limits in the house.

One of his best moments in the show arrived very early, as the show began and descended into fights, and there was a violent confrontation between Zubair, Vikas and Priyank, which culminated in physical assault by Priyank. People who haven’t seen Salman get angry, their wishes were fulfilled, as Salman berated Priyank and told him to get out of the house since such things are never going to be tolerated in the house.

Another moment that everyone liked was when Salman brought up children on the show for the promotion of the show, Rising star, and made fun of the show himself.

Some of the best moments in the show come from Salman’s interactions with the contestants, for example, when he had them fight in the Sultani Akhada, or when he brought the Jillad to wax off the hairs of the male contestants.

He had various aggressive moments in the show, like when he scolded Priyank for gossiping and disrespecting women in the show. Calling out Shilpa for fighting with Vikas, and showing everyone that Hina wasn’t as innocent as she seems to be.

He also promoted his own upcoming movie Race 3 on the show, which was one of the best episodes, and also Tiger Zinda Hai too. Even if the show has gotten mired in a lot of controversies, it is still good to see that everyone loves Salman as the host and wishes that he would continue doing so in years to come.

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