Bigg Boss 11 Live: Vikas is mean to Hina

The show is going to end in two days, and even as only four contestants have remained in the house, the fights and arguments are still going on because if the task. Hina and Vikas once again have an argument about the mean/money task, as he gives her various tasks to complete and she tactfully avoids doing it, which frustrates him. Shilpa, scared of doing anything, pushes the buzzer, hence giving another 3 Lakhs to him. Puneesh, who has been siding with Vikas and Shilpa, begins to see through Vikas’ cruelty and understands that something like touching Hina’s feet to a photograph is wrong and won’t support it.

Hina begins to cry, while Puneesh comforts her. Vikas once again begins to get angry.

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