Bigg Boss 11: A new task changes the nomination day

Bigg Boss 11: A new task changes the nomination day
Written by Abhishek Rana

As contestants have begun to leave the house, the remaining ones have found little to no relief about their own positions, as everyone is still trying to keep themselves safe and politely, or harshly, trying to get their competition to be nominated and out of the house. Such efforts might not be ideal in the house as Bigg Boss again did an about face during the nomination process and instead divided the Gharwalas in two teams. Red and Blue teams, consisting of Hina, Vikas, Aakash, Puneesh and Hiten, Luv, Priyank and Shilpa. However, all the result of the task rests with Arshi, as she will be the one to decide whom she wants to kick out of the game by tearing their apple from the tree outside the house.

The first contestant that she cuts from the tree is Aakash, and then Hina, because she feels that Hina doesn’t deserve to be in the show, as she isn’t playing the show as well as she was in the beginning.

But at the end, the contestants who are nominated, as predicted and reported are, Priyank, Hiten, Shilpa and Luv. Arshi then becomes angry with Hiten and asks him why he saved Shilpa and lied that he had taken Arshi’s name.


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