Bigg Boss 11: Hiten’s team to be nominated this week

Bigg Boss 11: Hiten’s team to be nominated this week
Written by Abhishek Rana

Bigg Boss has now come into more than half of its length, and as the relationship between the contestants become more frayed and strained, the weekly tasks are their only way of keeping themselves safe in the game for long. Anyone who loses the game is in danger of being eliminated from the house, as they will most probably be nominated for one reason or another. So, it is shocking that Hiten’s team, which included Shilpa, Priyank, Luv, lost the task against Vikas’s team, which involved, Hina, Arshi, Puneesh and Aakash. Hence, Hiten’s team will be nominated for elimination for this week.

This is a shocking revelation and reversal for the house, but it is possible that Hiten will be safe from elimination, and the weakest contestants of the group, Priyank and Luv could be in danger of being eliminated. Shilpa, who has some of the largest fan following from the house, is not expected to be eliminated so soon. Now that the results from today’s task have become public, people have started to speculate as to who might be getting out of the house this week, and majority of people have said that Luv is the most vulnerable contestant. He is relatively unknown, and hasn’t done much to gain popularity in the house, most of what he does is through Hina.

If this indeed turns out to be true, then another of Hina’s supporter and friend in the house will be leaving, and as she had said before, she’ll soon find herself alone with other people.

Still, a lot can happen in the following days, and Luv could quickly do something special that could endear him to the audiences. Priyank is another contestant who is weak, because he has gained a lot of negative comments and his reputation has devolved because of his comments and fights with the women in the house.

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