Big Boss 11: Arshi Khan will take revenge from Hiten tonight?

Big Boss 11: Arshi Khan will take revenge from Hiten tonight?
Written by Shilpi Gupta

Big Boss house is full of twists and turns, this week Big boss added a new twist in the upcoming nominations. Hiten read the note of big boss for the nomination task that Big boss contestants are divided into two teams – Team Hina Khan and Team Shilpa Shinde. Where Arshi Khan has to decide the nomination of the contestants and every one has to convince Arshi to save them from nomination. Being the captain, Arshi has the veto to nominate Big boss house contestants this week. And as the house is divided into two teams of Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde, she also has the power to nominate an entire team.

On this weekend ka war, Arshi was left stunned by the caller of the week, as Hiten Tejwani, whom she like most in the house, chose Shilpa Shinde to save over her during nominations. Arshi is not taking it lightly, as everyone laugh on this, Arshi shouts and said no need to laugh, this is not a joke.

Apart from that in the last episode, Hina tries to manipulate Arshi against Hiten by saying that only Vikas and Shilpa already knew that Hiten had saved Shilpa and not her (Arshi). Vikas losses his cool and fight with Hina calling her chaalu for gossips and breaking friendships inside the house. She also responded to him and calls Vikas manner-less and tells him that he can’t call a woman ‘chaalu’. Vikas then also calls her the biggest Vamp.
As we see the preview episode of Monday Arshi khan seen boasting of her power and telling Hina that every person from each team will have to personally beg her for not nominating them. The latest twist from Big Boss lets Arshi Khan, to take revenge, from her rivals and it is definite that she will take a full advantage of this Veto power.

Let’s see today, who will be the Target of Arshi Khan, will Hiten will remain a friend of Arshi or she will take revenge, from him. To know watch Big Boss 11 at 10:30 PM on Colors TV.

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