Actor Aditya Pancholi acquitted by Bandra metropolitan court in 2015 assault case

Actor Aditya Pancholi acquitted by Bandra metropolitan court in 2015 assault case

Aditya Pancholi acquitted by Bandra Metropolitan Court on 2015 Nightclub case: Famous Producer Suraj Pancholi’s father and Bollywood Actor Aditya Pancholi have got relief in the case of Santacruz in the aftermath of the two-year long trial. Bandra’s Metropolitan Court, in its order on Monday, said that the evidence presented against Pancholi was not enough to prove him guilty. In such a case, the court acquitted Panguli from this case. The Santa Cruz police had filed the case against Aditya Pancholi in 2015. However, Aditya Pancholi was released from lock-up after he paid the bail amount of Rs. 50, 000. The actor was facing legal trial ever since.

The court wrote in its judgment that in the last two years, the evidence presented by the police, in this case, is not enough to convict Aditya Pancholi. In such a case, Aditya Pancholi was not found guilty under Section 324 (deliberately attempting to attack or attack with the dangerous weapon) and 504 (deliberately defaming someone).

In March 2015, Aditya Pancholi had reached a nightclub in Juhu with some of his friends. When he heard the matter here, he attacked his cell phone bouncing outside the nightclub. In this case, the police had arrested him after an FIR was lodged against him. But they got bail on private money. According to the police report, Pancholi had drunk a lot of alcohol at that time. There was a dispute about the song being played by the DJ in the Nightclub.

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