B-Town celebrated Diwali with Parties and Pomp and in private

B-Town celebrated Diwali with Parties and Pomp and in private

Bollywood celebrated Diwali with all the pomp and romp that could be appropriate for the stars, the wannabees and the hasbeens. The night was glittery and sparkling, and the parties started early and would’ve ended late. Actor Sanjay Dutt threw an extravagant party for B-town, and many recognizable faces showed up for the bash. Like Vidya Balan, in a banarasi saari, Jacqueline Fernandez and even Salman Khan. Jacqueline looked fabulous in her dress, which was a mish mash of yellow, purple and red color. Amitabh Bachchan, however, spent the auspicious occasion with his family and shared greetings and the photogrpahs of the Lakshmi pooja on twitter.

Shahrukh Khan was busy attending parties thrown by Anil Kapoor and Salman Khan, and Shahid Kapoor also shared a selfie with his wife, and Twinkle Khanna also poster a photograph with her hubby Akshay Kumar.

Karan Johar celebrated Diwali with his students, Alia Bhatt, Sidharth Kapoor and Varun Dhawan and took a selfie with the three. Arjun Kapoor also posted on Instagram, with Anil Kapoor and family.

In some ways, most of the celebrities were busy hopping from one party to another, while others decided to be with their families and celebrate Diwali in a more traditional way.

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