US North Korea tensions drift up as American fighter helicopters are mobilised in Seoul. As per the reports, the American fighter plans are being mobilised in Seoul. And also the south Maritime Counter Special Operation unit has uplift by the addition of nearly 50 Apache choppers to counter a possible attack by Kim Jong-un’s regime from the sea. According to sources, the AH-64D Apaches have joined a MCSOF exercise to the west of the Korean Peninsula in the Yellow Sea.

This situation has emerged after the North Korean UN ambassador Ryong announced at the session of United Nation that America is on their target. And the report comes that the special forces of North Korea have spotted near the Northern Limit Line which is the disputed maritime border between the rogue state and South Korea.

However, the Dictator Kim said that the joint exercises are preparation for the invasion of the north while the Western forces claimed that they are merely responding to threats from the nuclear-armed state. As per the reports, the seventh fleet of America has currently deployed across bases in East Asia including Japan and the US territory of the Guam. And the island is well within the range of Kim’s missile for the World war 3. These reports depict that US and North Korea tensions may lead to the World war 3.

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