Anushka Sharma looks innocent and terrifying in the new Pari poster, teaser to release tomorrow

Anushka Sharma looks innocent and terrifying in the new Pari poster, teaser to release tomorrow
Written by Abhishek Rana

Anushka Sharma introduced a new poster of her upcoming horror movie, Pari today, and she looks so innocent and yet so terrifying in it. She is holding the shoulder of co-star Parambrata Chaterjee, but her fingernails look inhuman, and her eyes are mischevious, as if she knows something bad is going to happen. Anushka captioned the poster by the following lines: Sooner or later, fate shows up at your doorstep. The teaser for the movie will be releasing tomorrow.

Anushka has become one of the best and most versatile actors in the film Industry, easily going from drama movies to revenge thrillers to romantic comedies. She’s currently shooting her next movie with Varun Dhawan, Sui Dhaage, in which she will be playing an embroider.

Pari is perhaps the first horror movie in quite some time that has an A lister actor in its cast, and it’ll be interesting to see if Anushka can break new ground in the genre that is seldom successfully made in Bollywood, and pave way for other actress’ to also try their hands in the genre. Pari is also being touted as an anti fairytale, which means its surely going to have some kind of undertones of the old tales that its going to subvert with an evil twist. Anushka’s fans have been furiously trying to understand all the little snippets and clues that have been released as of yet, to understand the plot, but for now, it remains a mystery. But every movie goer would understand that its best to keep the mystery, until the film is released, to save it from being ruined.

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