Amole Gupte’s Sniff to be telecasted tomorrow at 11 AM at ANDPicturesIN

Amole Gupte’s Sniff to be telecasted tomorrow at 11 AM at ANDPicturesIN
Written by Ria Maheshwari

The Bollywood first adventure action film, Sniff to have television tomorrow at ANDPicturesIN. Under the directorial work of Amole Gupte, who is truly the lover of kids. His past films  Stanley Ka Dabba, Hawa Hawai, and One Idiot are the major highlights of his career. After which he got a lot of fame in the industry. The leading kid, Sunny Gill has done a marvelous job in making fun roll-out loud.

Being Sunday tomorrow, 14th January 2018, the film will telecast in the morning hours at 11 AM. The film is a funny one with a lot of naughty activities involved. The plot of the film, Sniff revolves around the blocked nose as a disorder of the kid, Sunny Gill. But the major concern ones are his parents, Manmeet Singh and Surekha Sikri, who have done a great job in the film. Soon, something big happens with Sunny, while he went in the chemistry lab and breaks some goblets and there his nose is unblocked in fact addition his nose becomes even more sensitive and now he can smell even the smallest of any particle, from where the film takes you to the roller coaster of laughter and joy.

The film was released on AAugust 25th, 2017 in the banner of Trinity Pictures with Jyoti Deshpande, and Ajit Thakur, the producers while Eros International hails the distributors hats. The film when released, had a premier for Bollywood celebrities and their kids, after which a lot of notice was given to the film. And now tomorrow it will be showcased on television at ANDPicturesIn in the morning schedule at 11 Am. So don’t forget to watch the film with your kids and family. Also, ANDPicturesIn took their twitter account to let people aware of the timing and schedule of the film.

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