102 Not Out trailer starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor is an emotional roller coaster

Written by Shubham Dwivedi

With a lot of extreme light hearted fun moments, it also gets intense as far as emotions are concerned in the trailer of 102 Not Out. Amitabh Bachchan is playing a man who is 102 years old and wants to break the world record of longest living man which is 118 years. He wants to stay alive for 16 years more and out live everybody including his 75 year old son Rishi Kapoor. Rishi’s character is not even half as lively as Bachchan because he has accepted the fact that he is an old man now just waiting to die.

Bachchan on the other hand would moonwalk with Michael Jackson given the opportunity at the age of 102 but a twist comes in to the tale when Bachchan becomes the first father in the world who decides to send his own son to an old age home. He is clearly having some difficulties over there because in a funny way no one is ready to believe that their father is sending the son to old age home instead of vice versa being happening. There are obviously some unfolded cards between father and son as far as their happened life is concerned which will come up and about real soon.

Bachchan asks Kapoor to write his wife a letter about how he misses her though Kapoor doe snot really want to hence Bachchan forces it on him like life. Bachchan is a very positive and cheerful man even at that age while Kapoor has given up on his life and is just walking through his days so that he can take care of his father and perhaps waiting for his demise. As the trailer gets more intense Bachchan mouths a dialogue somewhere in the lines of the philosophy that if a child disappoints you than the father should only remember his childhood.

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