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CBSE to consider diabetic students under disabled category

CBSE to consider diabetic students under disabled category

CBSE  has opened a new category for the Type-1 diabetes students. CBSE has refrained the diabetic student to give exam with the other student. CBSE has asked the diabetic students to fill the form of Class 10th and 12th under the category of person with disability. Earlier CBSE use to conduct the exam of diabetic students also under the normal category. CBSE has allowed the diabetic students of class 10th and 12th to carry sugar tablets, candies, water bottles inside the center. The insulin needs regular meals in short interval otherwise their health will be affected and it is a risk to their life.

Central Board of Secondary Education has for the first time asked the students to attend the exam under the category of disabled. CBSE has asked the students to do so because if they will opt this category then the needs of insulin dependent students will be fulfilled otherwise the other student will get disturbed if their needs will be fulfilled. The exam will commence from March 5, 2018. Diabetes is not listed in the category of disability. When CBSE was asked the same question of diabetes not included in the list, they said that the diabetic students will be get benefit if they do so.

The main motive of CBSE introducing diabetic students under this category is that these students need two to three injections to maintain sugar level in their body and these students should not take much break between their meals. Never before, this was done by the CBSE but now many doctors has consulted the CBSE considering the health and needs of Diabetic person. CBSE has allotted different exam centers for these students. Even the timings of the students are also different. Candidate must visit the official site for more updates.

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