Google maps new update for iOS users, Improved timing and Restaurant wait feature launched

Google maps new update for iOS users, Improved timing and Restaurant wait feature launched
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Google updated the Google Maps for iOS users, and now it is 4.47 version. The updated version has a better timing feature and waiting for Restaurant feature. When searching for a restaurant using Google Maps, you can now see wait times. It is available in more than a million restaurants around the world that will know you actual time for how long you can expect to wait before being seated. Some other features have been added to this updated app, and they are– Search and sort through reviews of a place, 2) Get transportation directions that tell you accurately which entrance you need to go into (This feature is available now in Los Angeles, Delhi, Moscow, Singapore, Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Hong Kong, Taipei, Paris).

The previous version 4.46 of Gmaps, just brought with it bug fixes and improvement to how the product helps in discovering new places. We all know that version 4.45 only added customisations for home and work icons. The last time that Google rolled out an important update was back in December when version 4.42 arrived. The update redesigned the map and updated its colours and styling. It also came with the ability to filter trains or buses in the Transit Departures widget.

So Google rolled out this update to help users, discover new places and the different ways to navigate to them.Its Maps app for iOS devices. Version 4.47 is an outstanding upgrade especially for users who want to know the real-time information about the restaurants. It also helps for Cab drivers to find the exact location by street-by-street. Google Maps group product manager, Krish Vitaldevara said on Tuesday that the feature is currently only available in Indonesia. However, it would be developed in other countries that implemented similar policies. Google Maps also added two new features for Car Free Day and motorcycle, which will provide alternative directions for users driving during Car Free Day

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