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Kejriwal announces DTC will be converted into world-class transport service

Kejriwal announces DTC will be converted into world-class transport service
Written by Karu Cheema

Arvind Kejriwal made new announcement on Delhi Transport Corporation today during Annual road Safety Awards At Annual Road Safety Awards while distributing awards away to 37 DTC drivers for successful & Safe Bus Operation. Also 15 former employees of different posts for their excellent services to the Corporation were honored with the award function. He announced he is gearing up to ensure that the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) becomes the most advanced and modern transport service at par with world-class transport services. During the awards among huge gathering, he addressed to everyone formally that since he believes that “The DTC is lifeline of Delhi so the government must take care of it’s heart line and should also practice to take care of all the employees of this huge transport corporation. He stated that “We will soon provide medical facilities to its drivers and conductors apart from giving them transport allowance.” He said he will take what ever it take to bring DTC as a wolrds class transport system and he has full confidence on all the employees of the corporation.

Arvind Kejriwal said soon one thousand new buses will be added to the DTC fleet and world class standard will be maintained to run the smooth functioning of all the buses. He said more number employment will be there while opening doors for unemployed people. He said that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government had earlier approved 7th Central Pay Commission for all the employees of Corporation this month.  The new awards ceremony is introduced to maintain the encouragement and motivation in the drivers to ensure accident-free operation. These new policies ensures that a driver is not involved in any fatal accident. A driver must have over al clean record for award eligibility and should not have any history of major or minor accident or involved in any traffic violation. This new system will help driver to sharpen their driving skills and also DTC to be organising fresh courses through the DTC training school on regular basis.

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