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JNU Student Claimed to be Beaten by CISF Personnel at Rajiv Chowk Delhi Metro

JNU Student Claimed to be Beaten by CISF Personnel at Rajiv Chowk Delhi Metro
Written by Karu Cheema

A JNU Student claimed to be beaten by CISF personal on Friday at Rajiv Chowk, Delhi metro. The in-charge of security at Delhi Metro station, said he was not brought to any notice or complaint regarding the incident. The JNU student, Aman Sinha posted on his social media accounnt, Facebook that he was beaten up by a Central Industrial Security Forces personnel at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station after an argument flared up between them during security check. “We have not received any formal complaint yet. We will inquire into it if we get one,” a CISF spokesperson told IANS. He also stated that Delhi Metro receive more than 2.7 million people every day and they are well trained and instructed to be firm and professional always, he said. A CCTV footage have been checked where they found the alleged victim approaching the security check with earphones in his ears and when the guy was asked to remove headphones a verbal argument started between them. He was then taken to the Station Controller Room, where he apologised and was let go,” he said.

Aman Sinha also confirmed over the issue that he has not yet filed any written or formal complaint regarding the indecent but he will consider to lodge a complaint soon as advised by his well wishers and if required I will approach the NHRC also,” Sinha told IANS. He also alleged that two CISF guards rubbed the soles of their shoes, which had some dung stuck to them, on his jeans and also abused him on the hall way to the security room.

The CISF personnel gave statement that when he was asked to remove the earphones in absolute manner but Sinha refused by stating he is from JNU and sporting a beard, and was allegedly threatened to be sent to Pakistan. The CISF guy told then he was taken to “security office’.

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