Hurricane Irma strengthens to category 5, the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes ever

Hurricane Irma strengthens to category 5, the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes ever

Hurricane Irma strengthened to a massive category 5 five storms with sustained winds of 185 miles per hour. Irma was packing 185 mph winds and storms of more than 200 mph. As per the reports of the National Hurricane Center, It has broken all the records that expected to continue churning with deadly hurricane force winds and dangerous storms. It will surge across a wide swath of Caribbean before moving toward southern Florida. According to the reports, the Irma is expected to hit the Eastern Caribbean including Puerto Rico today. Thus, the Puerto Rico and Florida have already declared states of emergencies for the preparation of resources, evacuations, shelters, and deploying the National Guard members to help to protect from the powerful storm.

On Tuesday, the National Weather Service has reported that the Irma storm had become five category that is the strongest storm ever to hit the Atlantic. The US is still overcoming with the impacts of Hurricane Harvey. And the parts of the Houston are still under waters while the thousand number of people are still living in shelters. Hurricane Irma is the another catastrophic storm in the two-week period. Today, it is on the track to hit eastern Caribbean islands.

Hurricane Irma is recalling the 2016 Hurricane Matthew that killed more than 500 in Haiti and largely sparing the United States. The category five storm is the strongest hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane strength scale in which the wind reaches to more than 157 mph. Although it’s not cleared yet whether the storm will track up the east or west coast of Florida. However all the, 67 state offices will be closed on Friday because of the Hurricane.

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