Guam, United States island territory radio stations signals emergency alert

Guam, United States island territory radio stations signals emergency alert

After various threats by North Korea at Guam , two radio station a music channel and a christian network alerted listeners at 12.25 AM (local time) of unspecified threat, as reported by Guardian. Civil broadcast to warn civilians in case of threat, military or terrorist strike are rare. Warning signal lasted only 15 minutes and authorities emphasized that in case of real threat, signal will broadcast the type of threat.

Homeland security office said in a statement that it was a human error and they work hard with them to ensure it doesn’t occur again. Residents of Guam were told to remain calm as threat was unreal. “We continue communication with our federal and military partners and have not received official statement warranting any concern for imminent threat to Guam,” he added.

Last week, North Korea detailed a specific plan to fire four missiles into the waters around the island which is home to 162,000 people and hosts two US military bases, the Guardian reported. US Defense Secretary James Mattis said any missile fired at Guam would be shot down, and warned that an attack “could escalate into war very quickly”.

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