Whatsapp update : Now supports any document as attachment

In a new whatsapp software update, it allows users to send any type of documents as attachment. Earlier users were restricted only to PDF format. According to a report in Engadget on Thursday, users could now share files up to 100MB size but it was rumored that the iPhone users could send slightly larger files.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp now also lets users to see all of their pictures and videos in the in-app camera by swiping up. In new update whatsapp have also removed image compression ,keeping the original quality intact.

Facebook Inc has been aggressive in pushing regular updates with features and retaining large base of users. Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook in 2014. Announcement in 2016 , not to charge users for the messaging service have been speculated to be the primary region for humongous base.

One of the most appreciated update by Whatsapp community was “Whatsapp Web” , introduced in 2015, through which users can access whatsapp using any browser.

After Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook, most of the users were paranoid due to privacy issues which lead to a little decline initially , but soon the trends picked up for whatsapp. Still the question arises, how facebook is planning to recover the amount spent in acquiring Whatsapp. In the end, what matters is business and profit.