‘LinkedIn Lite’ : Light version of Linkedin app for android launched in India

‘LinkedIn Lite’ : Light version of Linkedin app for android launched in India
Written by Karu Cheema

‘LinkedIn Lite’ Android app was launched by professional networking company LinkedIn. LinkedIn lite is a lightweight app , almost compatible with most of the smartphones in India. Lite app offers a fast and suave experience of LinkedIn to users on Android’s operating system, that accounts for 97 per cent of India’s smartphone market. LinkedIn has more than 42 million members in India.

Akshay kothari , LinkedIn’s country manager said data light solution for professional in slow network area will democratise economic opportunity to professionals.

“Regardless of their device or location, we hope to level the playing field for all LinkedIn members so they can get closer to their dream jobs, grow their networks and become more successful,” he added.

Developed by LinkedIn’s R&D team in Bengaluru, LinkedIn Lite app is first being rolled out to members in India. The Lite app was inspired by the success of the lightweight mobile website, which was launched in September 2016.

LinkedIn plans to roll out the mobile web version and the Android app in over 60 countries shortly. Built to run smoothly and offer faster access even on lower end smartphones, the app loads extremely fast – in under five seconds, even on 2G network.

The app size is only 1MB and reduces data usage by 80 per cent. It also offers all key features like news feed, jobs, profile, network, messaging, notifications and search. The LinkedIn Lite app is available on Google Play Store for all Android users in India.

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