Yuvraj Singh fails Yo Yo fitness test

Yuvraj Singh fails Yo Yo fitness test
Written by Abhishek Rana

Cricketer ‘Yuvraj Singh’ who was thinking of making his comeback in International cricket games has drastically failed to even pass the Yo Yo fitness test. The test had been recently made necessary for every team member to pass if they want to play International cricket. Yuvraj has been unable to pass the test for quite sometime. Unlike him another cricketer of Indian team the newcomer ‘Cheteshwar Pojara’ has been successful in passing the test. ‘Ravindra Ashwin’ has passed the test .Along with Yuvraj Singh , Suresh Raina has also failed the test. This is a very serious situation for him.

Yuvraj Singhis 35 year old and it should be noted that his career could suffer drastically if he isn’t able to pass the test in the near future. The BCCI replaced the beep test with the Yo-Yo test so that only the most fit team members are able to play in the game.

So, for now, Yuvraj Singh is only allowed to play in the domestic matches, until he is fit enough to play internationally. He is a cancer survivour so we’re sure that Yuvraj Singh is going to cross this obstacle and get himself healthy enough to pass the test for the board.

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