FIFA Football Ranking: India drop one place to 97th in rankings , Brazil back on top

FIFA Football Ranking: India drop one place to 97th in rankings , Brazil back on top
Written by Karu Cheema

In latest FIFA ranking India slipped one spot from 96th to 97th and Brazil back again on number 1. The Stephen Constantine-coached side had achieved one of their best rankings in recent history when they climbed to the 96th spot last month. Three biggest changes in this latest FIFA ranking is Brazil back on top with 1604 points , Polland got his all time best rank its on number 5, Switzerland rise to fourth.

But in July, there was hardly any international football for Sunil Chhetri and team. India still have 341 rating points, with no change from their last month tally. Canada, meanwhile, jumped five spots to 95th following their performances in the CONCACAF Gold Cup, leading to India dropping to 97th place.

Among Asian countries, India are the 12th highest ranked team in the continent while Iran leads the chart at 24th spot. India are slated to take part in the Champions Cup next where Mauritius and St. Kitts and Nevis are expected to take part. The tri-nation meet was originally scheduled to be held in Chennai but has now been shifted to Mumbai.

Among the best international teams in the world, Brazil gained top spot from Germany while Argentina, Switzerland and Poland completed the top five.

TOP 5 Countries in FIFA football Ranking

  1. Brazil
  2. Germany
  3. Argentina
  4. Switzerland
  5. Poland

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