Solar Eclipse 2017 : NASA approved glasses to see the sun

Solar Eclipse 2017 : NASA approved glasses to see the sun
Written by Ria Maheshwari

With the onset of the Solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017, curiosity to see the sun is natural. Though it will be covering the areas of South Africa, Northern Pacific region, and Antarctica, so if you’re near, you can surely get to see the sun. But need not say, use the glasses which are getting trending in the local market as seeing the direct sun can be risky for your eye sight.

So if the sun is in your way of totality, where the moon will be fully blocked by the sun and the stars will be visible as a partial eclipse, then the chances are 99% for the ultraviolet light to damage your eyesight. Even if you are wearing your regular sunglasses or spectacles. It will harm you hard. But need to worry, over past few weeks, the sunglasses are running over the selves. For the knowledge, some ISO-compliant safe solar eclipse viewing glasses would be the best if you ask the vendor or buy it online.

A great news for the people who around the libraries of NASA, Google, and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, then visit it. Because they are distributing free solar eclipse glasses in over 6,900 libraries in the US. There is a map available online, check if you’re around. But you’re ready to take a stroll then ‘ 7-Eleven’ would be the best place to visit and grab your solar eclipse glasses. Most of the other stores are going out of stock with the date edging close.

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